Research-to-practice conference « Light Design 2014 » is aimed at developing of light design specialty by creating of communications platform for technical specialists involvedinphotometry and colorimetry, design of lightingfixtures; lighting designers and architects, artists and designers.

The research-to-practice conference will be held in ITMO University from October 9 to 10, 2014. Conference venuewill be announced in September 2014..

Organizers of the research-to-practice conference: ITMO University and Creative Association of Lighting Designers «RULD»..

The following issues are to be discussed at the conference:

Each section will be presented by designers and technical specialists developing lighting technologies for each specific segment.

For inclusion in the conference program and the publication of a collection of abstracts must be registered up to September 10, 2014

To be included in the conference program andpublished in the book of abstracts registration must be made prior to September 10, 2014..

Abstracts for publication must meet the specified requirements..

TThe selection of reports for publication in the book of abstracts and for plenary meeting is made by the Organizing Committee of the conference. The list of the reports approved for the conference is published here. The book of abstracts will be assigned the number ISBN.

Summaries of the accepted reportsare published in the conference program and the abstracts of the reports are included in the collection of the treatises of the research-to-practice conference. Participation in the conference is also possible without a report.